Taking Tablets: The Future of the Detail Aid?

Creating Rich Conversations with Customers

Gadget enthusiasts aren't the only ones who should be excited about the coming wave of 'tablet computers': they promise flexibility, portability, and maybe a few of the bells and whistles from your iPhone or Blackberry that you wish your laptop shared. For tech watchers and Mac enthusiasts, rumors of an Apple Tablet have alternately sent its stock up or left on-line blogs arguing over the features of a new Apple product that has been neither seen, heard, nor confirmed. The online chatter probably represents the most press ever for a product that no one can be entirely sure actually exists.… Read full post »

Remedy Reaches the World from Engage Expo in San Jose

"Mixed Reality Event" Extends the Reach of Live Conference

Remedy, in partnership with Linden Lab, will be broadcasting a special mixed reality event from the Engage Expo in San Jose. This event is a demonstration of providing cost-effective an innovative ways to extend the impact and reach of conferences by bridging the "live" meeting with participation and attendance in a 3D Web-based environment, in this case Second Life.  Remedy is a leading developer of immersive media technology which it uses for training, education, and collaboration. Following is the official release announcing the event: Virtual Goods Take Center Stage for Metanomics Season LaunchRemedy's virtual world television program launches third year… Read full post »