AVESS Project Covered by American Forces Press

Remedy's AVESS simulation likened to Avatar, helps disabled Veterans

The United States Defense Department's official press service 'American Forces Press Service' wrote a great article about the new Remedy Communications project, AVESS (Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space) and how it will be used to help disabled and wounded American Forces veterans. The article describes the strong parallels between Jack Sully's disabled character in the epic Avatar movie and the depth of the AVESS project in allowing disabled soldiers to control a virtual character unhindered by disabilities. The first phase of the project was a working mockup of an environment for soldiers, support personnel such as counsellors, family members and… Read full post »

Remedy in the news - Smart Money Magazine

Remedy Communications is in the news again, this time with an article by Smart Money magazine about businesses and enterprise value in virtual worlds. The story focuses on companies who have gotten past the initial 'hype' of new technology and are using the collaboration and meeting tools of virtual worlds to expand their business. The article quotes Doug Thompson, CEO of Remedy Communications, who says stable growth often occurs after the period of hype dies down and greater awareness of its capabilities sets in. The story suggests that while a large percentage of real-world money is made in programs like… Read full post »

World Expo 2010 - Shanghai, China

Doug Thompson, Remedy’s CEO was featured in an article discussing the upcoming World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, and their online edition, Expo Shanghai Online. ESO will allow user to create avatars, take a virtual tour of the Shanghai Expo site, and interact in various 3D activities. In addition to summarizing the virtual expo, Doug highlighted the increased use of immersive media for the enterprise: “In business and professional spheres, though, Remedy's Thompson said virtual worlds are used in more practical ways - from creating a shared 3D virtual training session for US Navy submarine teams to a virtual world learning… Read full post »

Remedy in the News

AVESS (Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space)

Remedy recently announced its work on the Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space which provides a virtual environment for military amputees and their families. The project has generated significant coverage as a leading example of how immersive and virtual technologies can have health and other benefits. Betterverse gave high praise to the project: "I'm incredibly excited to see the fruits of this innovative use of virtual worlds.  Returning veterans with amputated limbs are a population that can make a very strong case for the public good possibilities of these digital tools." Virtual Musings also commented on the appropriate use of… Read full post »