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Immersive Media
Immersive Media

Immersive Media

  • Bring a New Dimension to Marketing and Communication

Immersive media is a premium collaboration solution, enabling enterprises to communicate and collaborate in a rich, 3D environment. Immersive media was developed to integrate Web and 3D Web tools to provide a cost-effective and engaging approach to sales training, patient outreach, internal collaboration or community building

Why use an immersive environment?

The collaborative nature of immersive media uses a blend of tools (2D and 3D technologies) for the synchronous sharing and storing of ideas, knowledge and data without the need for travel. It is truly a win-win solution to reducing the business carbon footprint and the need to travel, cutting unnecessary travel emissions painlessly and profitably. The work of virtual teams is enhanced by use of a designated 2D Web site, a convenient space for accountability. Additionally, it is the structured aspect of the solution incorporating the "pre" and "post" elements of collaboration as well as providing a persistent space to share and retain knowledge.

To adequately represent the complexities of expression, it also incorporates an object-oriented 3D information workspace where the use of an avatar allows users to collaborate in multiple contexts.

What is the 3D Web?

Virtual worlds and the 3D Web are examples of technology’s natural evolution - providing us both with opportunities to get work done more efficiently and reach audiences in more creative and engaging ways.

Our solution makes the most of 3D spaces and seamless Internet technology to deliver a complete collaboration solution for the enterprise.

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