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Empowering Sales Representatives at Launch
Empowering Sales Representatives at Launch

Empowering Sales Representatives at Launch

Having a unique product and the first to market in its category required sales representatives to be knowledgeable regarding its mechanism of action as well as its clinical efficacy. This was achieved through a three-day launch meeting during which time key messages were delivered in an engaging manner.

The Big Picture

To be successful in the field, sales representatives need to be armed with the knowledge and tools to enable them to effectively detail their customers. To achieve this, training needs to be undertaken in a variety of formats to suit the learning needs of a sales force. To ensure an all-round understanding not only of the product but also the market, the entire brand team was involved in the launch meeting. The result was that the representatives not only understood the product but also understood the market into which it was being launched along with the challenges.

Digging Deeper

The client’s objective was to have a well prepared sales force. This was achieved through the use of teaser e-mails to build excitement ahead of the launch and then to stage the launch as a breaking news feature that included interviews with some of the key researchers involved in the development of the product, video segments on how to use the drug and panel discussions with key members of the brand team.

In Practice

At the conclusion of the three-day meeting not only were the sales representatives armed with knowledge and sales tools but they had also participated in the most successful launch in the company’s history.