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Forum for Optimizing Care in Colorectal Cancer
Forum for Optimizing Care in Colorectal Cancer

Forum for Optimizing Care in Colorectal Cancer

An interactive workshop for medical oncologists was designed and facilitated by Remedy with the aim of constructing an ideal-world treatment algorithm calling attention to real-world limitations. The forum yielded a unique, simplified discussion tool illustrating treatment and patient pathways. Insights from the forum provided the groundwork for the development of truly value-added initiatives for customers.

The Big Picture

In today’s funding environment, treatment plans are limited by guidelines, funding protocols and limited healthcare resources. As a leader in metastatic colorectal cancer, our client had the opportunity to add value by hosting a problem-solving exercise aimed at creating a national picture of practice issues. Potential partnership opportunities were identified and priorities set, including initiatives to help customers improve processes and overcome financial, logistical and systemic issues.

Digging Deeper

The workshop encouraged open dialogue of the evidence supporting product choices as well as a discussion about the barriers and challenges faced by individual clinicians. An output of the meeting—a uniquely designed, tactile tool—highlighted where treatment and patient pathways complemented each other, as well as areas of convergence. This tool was used as a framework for follow-up with forum attendees and as a platform for rich discussions with additional customers addressing regional-specific issues. The workshop and discussion tool demonstrated our client’s desire to listen to customers, to hear both their frustrations and hopes for the future, and collaborate on solutions.

In Practice

The key opinion leaders enjoyed the workshop and described the discussion tool as innovative, planning to use it with both patients (to assist with counseling) and residents (to assist with training). Our client benefited from a free-flowing discussion on the challenges faced by clinicians and patients, and the identification of opportunities to further engage with customers towards the shared goal of improving patient care.