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Call Map Series: Supporting Sales Effectiveness
Call Map Series: Supporting Sales Effectiveness

Call Map Series: Supporting Sales Effectiveness

To support the efforts of sales representatives, clear marketing direction and support tools are needed. Call maps were developed for representatives to review prior to calling on customers. They outline the key selling messages and are accompanied by supporting clinical data. 

The Big Picture

Specialty products often have a wealth of scientific data that is continually updated with the release of new clinical trial findings. It is critical to the success of the business that representatives be familiar with all the data and speak confidently about it. It is also important that they use the data to support the strategy.

Digging Deeper

The call maps were developed to support the company’s internal sales initiative. A practical approach was adopted by clearly outlining each strategy along with the marketing message and clinical data. A sample of a detail was provided to prepare representatives for conversations with their customers. Taking this approach ensured that the representatives were confident and successful in their details.

In Practice

The first call map was so positively received that a call map was subsequently developed for each strategy. Through the use of the call maps, representatives were focused during their call and stayed on message. The call maps enabled the representatives to sort through the wealth of data and use it in the appropriate context. Consequently, customers began to rely on the representatives for providing the most up-to-date data. The call maps remain by the representatives’ side and are considered to be one of their most valuable tools.